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Volunteers are an integral part of our mission. Whether you have one hour per week or more, we welcome your community efforts. We are always looking for volunteers to engage with our members in the areas of their interest – or yours. Contact MJ our Recreation Director for more information. 203-481-7110.

Bowling/Basketball/Balloon Volleyball/Egg Toss/Darts/Pool

Set up games, keep score, cheer us on!

Wii Sports

Play various games with a small group, great fun!


Set up prizes (men’s items, toiletries, jewelry, and stuffed animals), call out numbers, and assist our members with their cards.


Sing, dance, and encourage everyone to join in!

Arts & Crafts

Arts of all kinds! Assist our staff or share your own talents.


Assist in maintaining our outdoor gardens, and/or help with indoor gardening projects!

Exercises/Tai Chi/Yoga

Help inspire our members to keep it moving!!


Read short stories/poems or look at pictures and art, one-on-one or in small groups.

Discussion Groups

Men’s group – News discussions – History talks – Support groups


Sharing recipes, trying them out with the group!

Intergenerational Programs

Help us with various child centered activities.

Garden Walks

Take our ambulatory members out for a stroll through our beautiful Short Beach gardens.

Spiritual Growth Programs

Run your own group or help with ours, we are open to anything!

Visiting One-on-One

Get to know some of our quieter members – they need your caring attention!

Special Interest

Do you have a hobby, collection, topic or exciting trip to share?

Pet Therapy

Bring in your beloved pet! (Well-trained, and with all their shots!)

Behind the Scenes

Help us with fundraising, graphic design and computer needs.

Your mere presence makes a BIG difference to us and our members! Come in and get to know us, and find your own special place at Orchard House! You’ll be glad you did.

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