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At Orchard House, we cover it all! From group to individual activities, our focus is on fun, friendship, caring and sharing. Everyone is included, whatever their ability levels may be. We do this through lots of music, dancing, art of all kinds, cooking, sports/games/exercise, history, intergenerational programs, out trips- and more! Our goal is to create warm and loving emotional memories for each day, that our members will then take home with them.

Heart Centered Programming
3 Rules for a great day:
  • Have fun
  • Be part of a group
  • Feel loved and cared about
  • Music & Dancing
    Music & Dancing - Orchard House
  • Pet Therapy
    Pet Therapy - Orchard House
  • Crafts & Fine Art
    Crafts & Fine Art - Orchard House
  • Gardening
    Gardening - Orchard House
  • Exercise
    Exercise - Orchard House
  • Games & Sports
    Games & Sports - Orchard House
  • Intergenerational Programs
    Intergenerational Programs - Orchard House
  • Field Trips
    Field Trips - Orchard House
  • Cooking
    Cooking - Orchard House
  • Friends
    Friends - Orchard House
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