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How do I apply to Orchard House?
There are 4 easy steps to get started, which include the initial tour of our center, completed membership application, medical records from your doctor, and picking a start date! Learn more about the admission process by calling Joyce at 203-481-7110 or send an email to: jmartinelli@theorchardhouse.org.
Is there flexible scheduling?
Yes, Orchard House strives to meet the demands of caregivers and members and understands that sometimes schedules need to be flexible. Call Joyce for details at 203-481-7110.
What do members do all day?
At Orchard House, we cover it all! From group to individual activities, our focus is on fun, friendship, caring and sharing. Everyone is included, whatever their ability levels may be. We do this through lots of music, dancing, art of all kinds, cooking, sports/games/exercise, history, intergenerational programs, out trips- and more! Our goal is to create warm and loving emotional memories for each day, that our members will then take home with them.
What if my loved one refuses to attend?
It’s common for an individual with dementia to refuse to try something unfamiliar. During your assessment, we can help identify and implement strategies to ease the transition into Orchard House. This could include starting the person on a day with a certain activity they would especially enjoy, introducing them to a current participant with shared interests, or finding a way to help make the person feel useful and needed at the center. We typically find that once a person has attended for several weeks, they begin to adapt to and appreciate the routine of the center quickly!
Are you able to care for people who are incontinent?
Yes. Members are provided full assistance if needed.
Are you able to care for people who wander?
Yes. Orchard House has safeguards in place for people with dementia. Our secured exits, open floor plan, and attentive staff allow members to wander safely without risk.
Are you able to care for people with difficult behaviors or who are aggressive?
In most cases of difficult behavior, yes. In our experience, we have found that appropriate activities, atmosphere, and approach can minimize aggressive behaviors in people with dementia. We know that behaviors often have multiple causes, and in some cases can even be greatly reduced or eliminated through knowing the person’s triggers, treating underlying medical conditions, or medications. With our extensive knowledge of dementia care, individuals who have behavioral difficulty frequently adjust and do well at Orchard House. If, however, a person becomes a threat to him/herself and/or our staff and participants, we will work with the family to find a solution.
Do you provide meals?
Orchard House members receive a nutritious light breakfast, hot lunch, and mid-day snack each day. Meals are compliant with USDA nutrient standards and are verified by a certified Dietitian. Orchard House can accommodate many dietary restrictions or preferences as well. Check out A SAMPLE menu.
How does transportation work?
Orchard House offers FREE transportation on wheelchair accessible vans for towns including Branford, Guilford, North Branford, New Haven, East Haven, North Haven, and Hamden. All drivers are CPR Certified.
Is there a cost to attend Orchard House?
Yes. The Day program at the Orchard House is a full day of care provided for just $20.00 per hour. This includes activities, companionship, socialization, nursing supervision, medication administration, nutritious meals, caregiver support, and transportation* **.

*Sliding scale rates are available to those that financially qualify. **Contact Joyce for more information. 203-481-7110

Will health insurance or Medicare cover the cost of adult day centers?
Unfortunately, not at this time. Medicare and most health insurance programs will not cover adult day care expenses, however, some long-term care insurance companies will. For those who qualify, Orchard House attendance may be covered by the Veterans Administration under their Aid and Attendance Benefit, Agency on Aging of South-Central Connecticut, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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