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Public health officials continue to discover more about this new virus. Person-to-person spread of the virus is thought to occur mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It may also be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes.. This is very similar to how the common cold and influenza are spread. People are thought to be most contagious when they are most symptomatic. Some spread might be possible before people show symptoms. How easily a virus spreads from person-to-person can vary. The virus that causes COVID-19 seems to be spreading easily.

Based upon these facts, people can take these everyday preventative actions to help stop the spread of viruses:

  • Wash your hands frequently. Wash for 20 seconds with soap and water. Be sure to wash your hands when you come home from public places. If you do not have access to soap & water, use an alcohol-based (at least 60%) hand sanitizer. Use enough sanitizer to thoroughly cover your hands and rub until dry.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands.
  • Stay home if you are sick. Children should stay home from school or daycare if they are sick.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with a tissue. Discard the tissue properly. Wash your hands. If you don’t have a tissue, use the crook of your elbow. Avoid being around sick persons.
  • If you are sick or have sick household members, frequently disinfect commonly touched surfaces, such as doorknobs and handles, faucet handles, remote controls, tabletops, etc.
  • Be active every day.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

For more information, refer to these guidance pages:


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